Breakfast & Desserts


A full gourmet breakfast buffet is served each morning in the inn dining room from 8:45 AM to 10 AM offering a delicious variety of choices for our guests.

Four dishes hot from the ovens of the inn kitchen often include a variety of quiches, twice-baked red potatoes, yeast rolls or biscuits, and coffee cake with fresh fruit. The rolls, biscuits, coffee cakes, and quiche crusts are all made from organic flour using heirloom recipes producing wonderful delectable treats. These are the signature dishes of the Turtle Rocks breakfasts.

Sometimes layered egg and cheese-based casseroles called “Strata” are substitued for the quiche as well as another heirloom gem, a Ukrainian dumpling called “varenyky” similar to the German “pierogi”.

A wide selection of fresh fruit, mostly organically grown, is cut daily for our custom fruit salad.

All food and beverages at the inn are included at no extra charge for our guests.

New England “Supernatural” granola and Horizon organic vanilla yogurt are also standard breakfast fare.

Locally produced Casa Lindra’s mild salsa, milk, butter, jams and jellies, and fresh orange juice round out the inn breakfast.

Preceding breakfast and throughout the day gourmet organic coffee is available in the beverage area. Organic Gayo Mountain Sumatran, Brazilian, Thai, and Costa Rican coffees are the current favorites. All coffees are made from the inn’s pure spring water.

Also available throughout the day are a wide assortment of teas mostly organic including many green teas, ginger, lemon ginger, Moroccan mint, black teas and chais, orange spice, and many others. Yes, even Lipton!

An antique Kelvinator refrigerator is stocked with cold beverages including Juice Squeeze, bottled water, sparkling waters, soft drinks, and Martinelli’s sparkling apple juice.

A large bowl of fresh fruit, mostly organic, can always be found adjacent to the beverage and dessert area of the inn.


A buffet of afternoon desserts await you from 3 PM to 8 PM each day.

Our signature heirloom dessert is our inn-baked chocolate chip cookies with pecans.

Other desserts can include brownies with walnuts. apple cinnamon walnut coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake, blackberry pie (picked from the inn’s acres of blackberries in summer and fall season), lemon meringue pie, or apple pie and fruit tarts.

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